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5. Article 4 direction (Houses in Multiple Occupation)

We haveĀ made an "Article 4 Direction" that restricts home owners 'Permitted Development' rights to use their property as houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) within Class C4 of the Use Classes Order. This applies to about 7,000 properties to the north and east of the city centre.

Further planning controls are needed due to the continued growth of student houses in the area which is leading to imbalanced communities. In some streets up to 80% of properties are entirely occupied by students. In the St James Ward as a whole, over a quarter of homes are entirely occupied by students.

The proposed restrictions will not be implemented until 31 December 2011 and will not affect properties used as HMOs before that date.

We haveĀ given further consideration to the planning policies that we will apply when determining planning applications for HMO uses within the area where consent will be required. See Houses in Multiple Occupation (including Class C4 Uses) SPD

July 2011