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3. Sign up for your electronic Duty of Care

You can sign up for an electronic Duty of Care online, free of charge

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information contained in this form is correct – if not please email to let us know.

This form links directly with the Environment Agency who will contact you with further details about how to complete the process.

Once you have completed the Environment Agency sign up process they will send you a reminder in 12 months' time to renew your Duty of Care.

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  • your commercial waste account number
  • your SIC code (if you don't know your SIC code then the form will help you to find the correct one)

When you complete our electronic form you will receive an email inviting you to create your own account and PIN number on the Environment Agency site.

Once you complete their sign-up process, the Environment Agency will automatically remind you in 12 months' time to renew your electronic Duty of Care (EDOC) notice.

Your EDOC will be securely stored on the Environment Agency's website and you will be able to access your details at any time using your own password and PIN number.

If you wish to continue using our paper-based renewal system, from 1 Nov 2017 a fee of £50.00 will be payable for each application.

If you have any queries about completing your EDOC submission please contact a member of our Environment Support Team at or phone us on 01392 265010.