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7. Exeter Business Against Crime (EBAC) Partnership

A Home Office initiative gave guidelines to towns and cities to develop   proactive partnership schemes to help combat increasing rates of business crime and anti - social behaviour. Supported by the Police and Exeter City Council the scheme enables businesses to coordinate intelligence, pool resources and information and target collective action against individuals, creating a safer and more secure environment for those who live in, work in and visit the City.

Exeter City Council and Devon and Cornwall Police initiated a partnership which was known as Exeter Businesses Against Crime (EBAC).In 2006 the partnership was formally constituted and commenced operation. As a result of the work undertaken by EBAC, Exeter has been granted the Safer Business Award.

EBAC’s operational policy is based on deterrence and prevention.

Our first role is to gather and share intelligence between members and the Police as determined by data exchange protocols. Data shared by the members and Police will be both written and photographic and is collated via incident reports from the members of our partnership. Members can access latest information about offenders via the EBAC intranet. The EBAC DISC system is a secure intranet for our members which allows us to share up to date images and incident reports of those who commit shoplifting or anti- social behaviour offences

Our second role is to provide a communication network between our members and to increase awareness of offenders/criminal activity in the City. This is achieved through the use of a two-way digital radio network and the City’s CCTV system.

Currently the EBAC partnership has 123 retail/security and public service members. We also have 45 Pubwatch members. The network operates with a total of 245 radios.

There are two membership options available:

Full EBAC Membership includes the provision of one Hytera digital radio handset, full training in its use and access to CityNet. Additionally, membership will include the sharing of all data and photographs of known and convicted offenders via the DISC website. Circulation of Exclusion Notices, copies of all relevant minutes and partnership door signs. The minimum notice to leave the partnership is three months. Annual Full Membership will cost £370 + VAT which will be invoiced annually in advance from 1st April each year and pro rata thereafter. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Registered Charitable Organisations are given a discounted annual membership fee of £220 per annum.

Additional handsets will cost £250 which will invoiced annually in advance from 1st April each year. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

For further information please contact the EBAC Coordinator by calling 01392 277888 and asking for 'EBAC' or email ebac@exeter.gov.uk


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