Pollution control

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4. Cooling towers and evapourative condensers

Air handling units within buildings may be linked to air conditioning systems. Some air conditioning systems eg those which use evaporative cooling may pose potential health risks if not properly maintained. Employers or persons in control of buildings must address the risks present in working environments, and take steps to ensure that these risks are controlled. Systems must therefore be designed, maintained and operated in such a way to prevent a risk to health. They should be serviced at appropriate intervals and the instructions provided by the supplier or manufacturer should be followed at all times.

Systems using evaporative condensers must be registered with the local council under The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992. This is because this sort of air conditioning system uses water in an evaporative cooling process and has the potential to cause outbreaks of disease if not properly maintained, eg by producing legionella bacteria which can cause legionnaires disease.
For this reason all air conditioning systems which use evaporative condensers within the city must be registered with our environmental health services.

If you have a cooling tower or evaporative condenser on site you must notify us with details of where it is located. You must also tell us if such equipment is no longer in use.

Please complete the online application below:

Notification of cooling towers and evaporative condensers

Below is the public register of cooling towers in Exeter:

Reference Address  No of towers
PI/000004153 Head Engineering, Unit 1 & 5 Brookside Units, Exhibition Way, Exeter, Devon  1
PI/000004452 Met Office, 1 Fitzroy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB  7
PI/000007004 Alcoa Howmet, Kestrel Way Exeter, Devon, EX2 7LG  12