Pollution control

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5. Light pollution

Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, we can take action against certain types of light pollution if we assess the light pollution as a nuisance. This includes security lights on domestic and commercial premises and some lighting used for sports facilities and building sites but does not include street lighting and transport.

Our advice, as with all types of nuisance, is that an informal approach should be taken initially. Speaking to the owner of the light problem maybe the quickest and simplest solution, remember they might not be aware that the light is causing a problem.

If the owner of the lighting is not willing to resolve the issue or compromise to a level agreed by you both, the environmental health department can investigate the situation. The officer will require you to keep information on:

  • duration
  • times of day the light is an issue
  • frequency
  • the level of illumination

This information, along with the officer's evidence, will be used to assess if the light is in fact a nuisance and if so request action from the owner.

To make a complaint about light pollution, please use this form: