New Entertainment Venue Needs Assessment

In 2017 we, and our partners in the New Entertainment Venue Advisory Group (NEVAG), commissioned a study on the need for a new venue in Exeter. This study (see link below) looked at market demand and current supply, key venue considerations, where it might be located and how it could be developed and sustained. The study concluded that there is potential for a multi-purpose, city centre entertainment venue with a mixed programme and capacity of around 1,200 seated.

The study also emphasised that a key requirement for a new venue would be to ensure that it is financially sustainable, and does not become a burden on the public purse.  A range of possible options would need to be considered and detailed feasibility studies would be required before any commitment to the way forward can be made.

In April 2018, we commissioned Marketing Means to conduct an in-street and online survey of the local general public in order to collect opinions on current provision of live entertainment venues in Exeter and the potential establishment of a new entertainment venue. 

The detailed findings of the consultation will be published shortly.

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Last updated 7 November 2018