Waste and recycling survey

While a lot of good work is being done in Exeter to ensure the city’s waste is kept to a minimum, our recycling rate remains low.

We recycle 30% of all waste collected in the city but other authorities in the region have a recycling rate of over 50%.

Environmentalism and climate change prevention have never been higher on the public’s agenda than they are right now. Blue Planet II shone a light on the issue of plastic pollution, and public awareness of waste and the demand for action have risen exponentially since then. 

Some of the good work being done in Exeter is reflected in the fact that the city’s total waste produced per head is the fourth lowest in England outside of London. The Council’s Materials Reclamation Facility is now sorting plastic from other authorities that are less able to sort their plastic effectively for recycling, and we are also a central partner in the Ocean Recovery Project; sorting marine plastic from the South West’s beaches for recycling.

There are several forward-thinking community groups championing waste-reduction across the city and zero-waste shops opening in several streets.

Nevertheless, our recycling rate needs to improve.

Recycling brings in upwards of £1million for public services in the city, which, now that we can no longer rely on central government funding, is money that would otherwise have to be found elsewhere at public expense. By committing to increasing our recycling rate, we are also aiming to improve this revenue stream and to keep future public costs down.


We welcome your views on this matter

The survey closed on 15 May 2019. Results will be shortly announced on the Denis the dustcart facebook page.


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