Our Strategy for 2018-21 & the emerging Exeter Vision for 2040

Our Strategy 2018-21

The Corporate Plan for 2018-21 is a list of our priorities for the next few years, working alongside our partners and with your communities to continue to make Exeter a happy and healthy place to live for everyone.

As leaders of the City and the Council we will:

  • Help deliver the emerging Exeter Vision 2040, by providing services and developments that build on Exeter’s growth and success and meet local communities’ aspirations

  • Focus on three strategic programmes that address the current, major challenges facing the city:

    • Tackling congestion and accessibility

    • Promoting active and healthy lifestyles

    • Building great neighbourhoods

  • Provide value-for-money services despite continuing central government budget reductions

  • Lead a well-run council


The emerging Exeter Vision for 2040

Exeter needs a new vision to replace Exeter Vision 2020. We have been working with our partners and communities to understand their aspirations for the next 20 years. The emerging picture is captured in the document available for download below and we will be refining this over the coming months.

"By the time they are an adult, a child born in Exeter today will live in a city that is inclusive, healthy and sustainable – a city where the opportunities and benefits of prosperity are shared and all citizens are able to participate fully in the city’s economic, social, cultural and civic life."


Download the Strategy and Emerging Vision

Our full Strategy and Emerging Vision is detailed in the Exeter Corporate Plan document which we encourage you to download and read. Please click on the following links:

Download the Exeter Strategy and Emerging Vision

A text-only copy of the Exeter Strategy and Emerging Vision is also available to download.

Have your say on the Emerging Vision

The emerging vision is a place based document that takes parts of more than 60 strategies already in existence from Exeter City Council and outside partners. Members will be feeding back on the initial vision during the consultation period along with businesses, communities, individuals and outside bodies. All feedback will be presented back to the council.

The feedback period runs from 1 October through to 1 December 2018. You can have your say by using the following form:

Let us know your views about the Emerging Vision




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