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Requesting information

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2. Request information from us

If the information you want is not on our website, you can submit a request to obtain it. All requests made under the FOIA should be made in writing, state your name and address and clearly identify the information requested. Under the EIR, requests can be made verbally.

If you would like to request information, you can complete the form below:

Please send your completed form to the FOI Officer, Exeter City Council, Civic Centre, Paris Street, EX1 1JN.  You can also send your request to

Do I have to pay to see the information?

You may have to pay for large amounts of information or information such as planning documents. Photocopying charges may also be made.  We will inform you if there is a fee.

What happens if I submit a written request for information?

If you submit a request, we have to provide the information you want within 20 working days. There is an exception to this under the EIR if the request is complex and voluminous, and then 40 working days is allowed. However, every attempt will be made to provide it sooner if possible.

We will use the information contained in your request to respond appropriately. If further clarification is required to help identify the information you want to see, we will contact you for more details.

Wherever possible, we will respond positively to your request. However, there may be some information that we do not hold or we are unable to release, for instance, to protect a person's right to privacy or a third party's right to confidentiality. If we are unable to provide the information, we will inform you in writing of the reasons why the information cannot be released.

Please note, the Electoral Registration Officer and the local Returning Officer do not fall within the jurisdiction of FOI requests.