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3. RSS help

RSS Feeds allow you to see up to date information from on a selection of topics in your Feed Reader, without having to visit the website each time.

You can view the RSS feeds in your browser simply by clicking on the link to each feed. To get the most from RSS however you will require a Feed Reader.

Feed readers (also known as aggregators or news readers)

Feed Readers can be browser-based such as Feedly or The Old Reader, or they can be software which you download to your computer. Alternatively, many newer browsers have RSS subscription handling built in.

Exeter City Council does not endorse any RSS readers nor is it responsible for the content of external websites

How to subscribe

Drag the orange RSS button, or the URL, into your Feed Reader. Alternatively cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your Feed Reader.

Using Exeter City Council feeds on your site

If you have your own website you can use our RSS Feeds. You should however include 'Exeter City Council' in the attribution text and you may not reproduce our logo or other graphics from our site. Exeter City Council does not accept any liability for the use of its feeds elsewhere.