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7. Housing performance reports

To help us make sure that we deliver a high quality service we closely monitor our performance to ensure this remains at a high standard.

The Performance Summary provides an overview of Landlord Services reviewing such things as the amount of time properties are empty between lettings (voids), the level of rent arrears owed by Council tenants, and time taken to complete repairs.

Most of the performance indicators are accompanied by a traffic light to provide a guide as to how we are performing. For most indicators this represents our performance when benchmarked against others, and this is undertaken by HouseMark. This approach tells us whether we are performing above or below average when compared to our peers. In addition to reviewing our performance in comparison with other organisations, we also monitor our performance over time.

Where we are not performing as well as others, or our performance has decreased over time, we seek to find out why and to take action to improve.