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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

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3. Mandatory HMO licensing

Mandatory licensing of HMOs is required by law, and is operated by all local councils in England and Wales. Currently, mandatory licensing applies to:

  • All HMOs with 5 or more occupiers living in 2 or more households, who share an amenity such as a kitchen, bathroom or toilet, regardless of the number of storeys. The storey requirement was removed from the previous definition on 1 October 2018.
  • Other changes to the regulations mean that some flats, including those over shops, will also require a licence if they are occupied by 5 or more people, from 2 or more separate households.


Apply for your new licence or renew your existing licence

The mandatory HMO application form can be download below.  The licensing fees for 2019/2020 have changed and these are now split into two parts:

  • Part A needs to accompany the completed application form.  Part A costs are £210.00.
  • Part B will need to be submitted when the application is complete.   Part B costs are £570.00.  There is a reduction in cost of £125, at this stage, if you are accredited under a nationally recognised scheme.


This form is valid for new applications as well as renewing your existing licence:

HMO Licence application and renewal form

Please note due to the high volume of applications, you may experience some delay in receiving your new or renewed licence.  We will issue acknowledgment of your application and receipt of payment.


Further reading

More information on HMO licensing is available on the page Licensing of houses in multiple occupation in England: a guide for landlords and managers