Private tenants handbook

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11. If the landlord wants the property back

There are a number of rules your landlord or letting agent must follow when they want you to leave a property.

After the fixed term expires

The landlord doesn’t need a reason to evict you after the fixed term has expired and can end your assured shorthold tenancy by giving two months' notice using a Section 21 notice.

Section 21 notice

From 1 October 2015 a new standardised section 21 notice is required for all tenancies made or renewed after this date. The new form does not apply to statutory periodic tenancies started before this date. However, from 1 October 2018 it will apply to all tenancies.


Your landlord must follow a very strict set of procedures in order to evict you from a property (depending on your agreement).The procedure your landlord will have to follow will depend upon which type of tenancy you have.

If you don't leave the property

If you don’t leave the property by the date in the notice to quit your landlord needs to apply to the court for a possession order. The court will decide if the notice was valid and if you should be evicted from the property.

The handbook also has further information on:

Defending possession proceedings—section 21 notice

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