Allotment rules and conditions

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11. Dogs, livestock and bees

  • Dogs must not be brought onto any Allotment unless they are kept on a lead or otherwise restrained at all times. Dogs may not foul the site or stray onto other Allotments
  • The burial of animals on any Allotment land is strictly forbidden.
  • Any Allotment holder contemplating keeping bees on their Allotment must contact the Council and a Bee Agreement finalised and agreed by both parties prior to the bees being sourced.
  • No animals or livestock (other than bees, hens and stock rabbits) may be kept overnight on site.
  • A maximum of ten hens or four stock rabbits, (being rabbits more than six months old), may be kept on any ten Rods of Allotment Garden.
  • A maximum of two Rods (approx 50m2) of each 10 Rod (approx 250 m2) Allotment may be used for keeping hens and 1 Rod (approx 25m2) for rabbits.
  • Tenants who wish to keep livestock or bees on Allotments smaller than 10 Rods (approx 250 m2) must obtain the prior written consent of the Council so to do.
  • Any part of the Allotment used for keeping hens or rabbits must be securely and adequately fenced to the satisfaction of the Council.