Allotment rules and conditions

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13. Observance of rules

  • These Rules supersede any previous rules in force on Allotment Gardens or land managed in a similar way by the City Council.
  • The Authorised Officer reserves the right to amend or waive any Rule in respect of a particular Tenancy where they consider the need is justified.
  • Tenants must observe and comply with current rules and regulations and those which the Council may make at any time in the future.
  • Rules will be posted online on the Council website, and will be displayed either on Site notice boards or gates.
  • Tenants  must  comply  with  any  reasonable  or  legitimate  directions  given  by  the  Authorised Officer in relation to an allotment or site.
  • If a Tenant fails to use or keep their Allotment in compliance with these Rules they shall be served a Warning Notice giving them 28 days to remedy the situation as specified.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of the Warning Notice will result in a Notice to Quit the Allotment.
  • The Notice to Quit will require the Tenant to deliver vacant possession of the Allotment within one calendar month of the date of service of the Notice.
  • It is the Tenant's responsibility to notify the Council in writing if they are unable for health or other reasons to maintain their Allotment.
  • A Warning  Notice will be served before a Notice to Quit  except  where in the opinion of  the Council's Service Manager the use of the Allotment or the behaviour of those associated with it is such that the Tenancy should be terminated immediately.
  • A Notice to Quit will be served if two previous Warning Notices have been served during the course of the tenancy.
  • The  Authorised Officer  reserves  the  right  to  enter  onto  the  Allotment  without  prior  notice  to inspect the condition thereof or undertake groundwork or emergency repairs.