Allotment rules and conditions

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12. Rent

  • Rents will be reviewed and will rise by the amount agreed by the Council prior to theĀ 1 April each year.
  • Rent increase will apply to all tenants irrespective of whether the individual tenant has been advised of the increase. It is the tenant's responsibility to acquaint themselves of the increase.
  • Any increase in rent will apply from the 30 September of each year and will be announced by way of a Notification.
  • If the rent remains unpaid for a period of more than 40 days from the due date, the Allotment shall be considered vacant and will be re-let.
  • The rent year runs from 30 September. Tenants taking up an allotment within the rent year will be required to pay for the remainder of the year pro rata.
  • A tenant may relinquish their Allotment at any time, or have their tenancy terminated for breach of the tenancy agreement before year end but no rebate will be payable.
  • The tenant must remove any items or derelict structures from their Allotment before the end of their tenancy.