Allotment rules and conditions

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14. Site safety and security

  • No Tenant may cause or permit harassment, alarm or distress to another occupier or user of the site.
  • It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that their use and occupation of the Allotment does not represent a danger to themselves or other visiting the Site.
  • Anything on the Allotment which is considered hazardous by an Officer of the Council shall be removed.
  • Storage of fuels, other than small amounts (5 litres) for immediate use is prohibited.
  • Tenants may not bring, use or allow the use of barbed or razor wire or any similar material on the Allotment.
  • All Tenants must lock gates on entry and departure to prevent access by unauthorised people or animals. This applies even if the gate is found to be already unlocked on arrival / departure.
  • Children brought onto the site must be closely supervised at all times and not allowed to access any other Allotment Garden other than the Tenant's.
  • Nothing shall be done on the Allotment that will cause a nuisance to users of the other Allotments or those adjoining the Site.