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May bank holiday bin collections

Domestic refuse and recycling collections due on Monday 25 May, will instead take place on Saturday 30 May. All other collections that week will remain as normal – find out when your bin is collected

Allotment rules and conditions

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10. Structures paths and fences

  1. The written permission of the Council is required before any structure may be placed on an Allotment.
    • Any structure on the Allotment must be temporary and must be maintained in safe condition.
    • Structures shall be made from non hazardous materials and shall be in keeping with the general environment. The use of tyres and similar materials is not permitted.
    • If the Council is not satisfied with the condition of the structure the Tenant must either repair it to the Council's satisfaction or remove the structure within one month of an instruction to do so.
    • Allotment associations subject to an Allotment Management Agreement with the Council may limit the size of structures specific to their site.
  2. Structures must be adequately secured.
    • Structures must be kept within the boundary of the Allotment and must not be constructed over underground utilities (e.g. water supply pipes).
    • Solid fences adjacent to neighbours Allotments should not exceed 1 metre in height and wire and trellis fences should not exceed 1.5 meters in height.
    • The use of barbed (type) wire is prohibited
    • No materials, plant or structures are to be attached to Council fencing.
  3. Structures at the termination of the Tenancy
    • The Council accepts no responsibility for structures left on the allotment at the termination of the tenancy.
    • Any such structures should be removed by the outgoing tenant unless it is left by agreement in writing with the Authorised Officer for the benefit of the incoming tenant or others on the site.
  4. Paths & Principal Paths
    • All paths between Allotments must be maintained at a minimum of 600mm (2 feet) wide and be cut and maintained to the nearest half width by each adjoining tenant.
    • Paths must be kept clear of obstructions at all times.
    • Principal Paths must not be obstructed or parked on by vehicles.