Allotment rules and conditions

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19. Tenancy termination

The Tenancy will be terminated where the right of occupation of the land by the Council is terminated.

Otherwise the Council will give the tenant one month's written Notice to Quit if:

  • The rent is in arrears for 40 days or more (whether formally demanded or not)
  • The Tenant is in breach of any of these rules or of their tenancy agreement
  • The Tenant no longer resides within the City
  • The Tenant has given 28 days' notice to terminate the Tenancy either by post to Exeter City Council, Civic Centre, Exeter, EX1 1JN or by emailing details of the Allotment name and the Allotment number.
  • Upon the death of a Tenant, their partner may apply to the Council within four weeks to take over the Tenancy.

Any costs incurred by the Council in respect of the condition of the allotment at the termination of the tenancy will be recharged to the outgoing tenant.