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1. Overview

Those looking to apply for an allotment can join the waiting lists for one of six areas of the city.

  • Alphington
  • Exwick
  • Stoke Hill
  • St Thomas
  • Topsham
  • Whipton and Heavitree

Applicants on a area list will be notified when a plot becomes available at one of the multiple sites in the selected area.

Apply for an allotment

In order to reduce waiting times and duplication, applications for allotments will only be accepted by area. Applicants will be contacted when a plot becomes vacant at one of the allotment sites above.

An alternative to taking on a whole allotment plot for yourself is the Exeter Growers Cooperative based out at Shillingford Abbot (just outside Alphington). They work collectively, which can often work better for those who may decide that the responsibility of a full allotment is too much. They are now in their ninth season and have developed a wonderful project on their 4 acres of rented, organic land. Just get in touch via The Exeter Growers Co-operative website pay them a visit"

If you would like to see what is happening throughout the year across our allotment sites then please follow our Facebook page for News, Updates and Feedback;