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2. Exeter Canal

Canal works - October 2018

From Tuesday 2nd October until noon on Thursday 4th October 2018, the canal will be closed to all water users at Topsham Lock to enable completion of piling. This temporary disruption is required to comply with the consents and ecological constraints for works at a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).


Two silt curtains will be installed across the canal approximately 10 metres upstream and downstream of Topsham Lock, which water users will not be permitted to cross.


Water users (kayaks, canoes, paddleboards etc.) wishing to travel downstream past this point will need to exit the canal at Canoe Loop 11 (Canal Landing Stage on entrance road to SWW Sewerage Works) onto Canoe Loop 10 (River Exe opposite - NB access from slipway at river is tide dependant).


Water users can exit the river at the Topsham Ferry Causeway (West side) and re-join the Canal at Topsham Bridge. Topsham Bridge will remain open for access to the river only.


Canoe Loops 13 (Stone steps by Topsham Lock Cottage) and Canoe Loop 14 (Landing stages by Topsham Lock Cottage) will be closed during these works.


The east side footpath from South West Water Sewerage Works to Topsham Bridge will also be closed during these works.


We apologise for any inconvenience.



About the canal 

The canal basin and & quay are an historic gateway to the City providing ample parking and easy access to sports, recreational and retail outlets. This picturesque area is a mix of old and new building and provides moorings for a wide range of vessels. A walk or cycle along the tow path brings you to the Double locks, half way, or the Turf Hotel at the furthest reach of the canal. Canoes and bikes are readily available for hire and a wide range of flora and fauna delight the visitor to this gateway to the estuary.


Convoy and Craning

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Fishing and Fishing Licences

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Exeter canal water quality

Pollution levels diagram


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