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11. Exeter River and Canal User Group

Terms of Reference

The Group is formed to:

  • Serve the joint interest of the user organisations of the waterway and the City Council in its management of the upper region of the Port of Exeter.
  • To assist in the promotion of the best use of the waterway.
  • To contribute to operation of the canal, basin and the Quay.
  • To act as a focus for users of the waterway and businesses operating in the vicinity.
  • To promote self help measures for the improvement of the operation of the waterways


The Group will:

  • Meet quarterly and will be deemed quorate if five or more members are in attendance.
  • At its March meeting, from within its membership, elect a Chairperson a Minute Secretary and a Secretary (if deemed necessary) to serve for the coming year.


Membership of the Group is open to: (for as long as they represent their organisation)

  • Delegated members of organisations with a direct link with the canal, basin, and the upper tidal river.* Representatives of businesses based around the canal, basin, and the upper tidal river.
  • Representatives of the Exeter Canal & Quay Trust.
  • Members of the City Council.



  • The dates of meeting will be determined at the previous meeting and posts on the Council’s website* A draft agenda will be similarly posted on the website seven days prior to the meeting.
  • Items for the agenda will be coordinated by the River & Canal Staff in consultation with the Chair.