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Premises licences

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6. Apply for a provisional statement

You will need to apply for a provisional statement if you require confirmation that a premises under construction, or being substantially altered would be granted a premises licence upon completion of the building works.

You would usually only need to apply for a provisional statement if you don't have one or more of the following:

  • a clear plan of the proposed structure
  • the activities to take place and timings of such activities
  • the premises opening hours
  • where the licence is only required for a limited period, dates of that period
  • the steps to be taken the promote the licensing objectives
  • a DPS if the sale of alcohol is involved


You'll be charged a fee of £315.00 for this application. Please make sure you view our fees and charges for further information.

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You'll need a credit or debit card if paying online.

You'll need a plan of the works to be done at the premises.

You'll need to put up public notices at the premises and advertise a copy of the notice in a local newspaper.

When we receive your application we'll check it to make sure it's been completed correctly.  We'll telephone you if there is anything else we need.

As soon as we have the complete application and all the information we need, we'll accept it and there will then be 28 days (from the day after we accept the application) when anyone can make a representation.  

If no representations are received we'll send you a provisional statement in the post.  

If representations are received then a hearing must be heard before members of the licensing sub committee unless all parties agree this isn't necessary.

After the hearing we'll write to you with a provisional statement which will set out what the committee would consider it appropriate to do if a premises licence was applied for and the reasons for their decision. 

You can fill in a paper version of the form and send it to us in the post or bring it into our office.

You will need to fill in the application form and send this to us with:

  • a cheque for the fee
  • a plan of works to be done at the premises  

If you are completing a paper version a full copy must also be sent to each of the other responsible authorities.  If you apply online then we will do this for you.