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3. Apply for a licence to operate a zoo

If you have given us at least two months notice of your intention to apply for a zoo licence you can now make your application.  You can do this online. 


You will need to pay a fee for your zoo licence.  Please telephone us on 01392 265702 for details of the cost.

You will also need to pay the vet's fee for inspecting the zoo.  We will ask you to pay this after the inspection has taken place.

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You will need a credit or debit card if paying online

You will need to enclose a current certificate of insurance for the business

Following your application there will be a detailed inspection of the zoo by a specialist vet.

The vet will send us their report and the licence will then either be granted and we'll send you your licence in the post or it may be refused or have additional conditions added to it.

If your application is likely to be refused or have additional conditions added we will contact you.

Renewing your licence

Once granted, a zoo licence will run for four years.  You will then need to apply to renew it at least six months before it expires.

You will also need to send us an up to date stock list in December each year

You can also apply by completing the application form and sending it to us in the post or delivering it to our offices. 

You will need to send a cheque for the fee made payable to East Devon District Council.

If you would like to come into the office and speak to an Officer about your application then please telephone to make an appointment.