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Gambling Act 2005

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4. Apply for a temporary use notice

Occasional use notice (OUN)

You’ll need an occasional use notice (OUN) if you want to allow betting on a track for up to eight days a calendar year without a premises licence.

Temporary use notice (TUN)

You’ll need a temporary use notice (TUN) if you want to use a premises, temporarily, to provide facilities for gambling that are not licensed under a premises licence.

You can only use a temporary use notice to provide facilities for any form of equal chance gaming where the game is intended to produce a single winner, for example, poker tournaments.

Equal chance gaming is where:

  • the participants are not involved in playing or staking against a bank, and
  • the chances are equally favourable to all participants

Please note:

  • your application for a TUN must be received a minimum of 3 months prior to the day before the event.
  • you must submit 2 copies of the notice (see below) to the Licensing Authority with the relevant fee.
  • you must submit a copy to the Gambling Commission.
  • you must submit a copy to the Chief Officer of Police (Police Licensing at Heavitree Road Police Station).
  • you must submit a copy to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.
  • you must submit these within 7 days of the application being received by the Licensing Authority.


You'll be charged a fee for this application. Please telephone 01392 265702 or email for further information.

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