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Pavement cafe licence

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3. Licence conditions

  1. The Applicant shall not at any time use or cause or permit the Pavement to be used for any purpose other than:
    1. the sale or service of food and drink in connection with the Applicant’s Business; and/or
    2. the consumption of such food and drink
  2. The Applicant shall only be entitled to serve alcoholic beverages in accordance with a valid premises licence obtained pursuant to the Licensing Act 2003
  3. The Applicant will ensure that the Pavement is kept clean and tidy during the Operational Hours (which shall be the Operational Hours requested by the Applicant unless varied by additional conditions set out by the Council in Part 2 of this licence) and is left by the Applicant in that state at the end of the Operational Hours each day.
  4. No disposable crockery will be used.
  5. All furniture will be of a good quality and in keeping with the area, these will be taken inside at the end of each day.
  6. No barriers will be used to define the area and windbreaks or similar objects will not be allowed.
  7. No advertising will be allowed on any of the furniture.
  8. The street café may only operate during the Operational Hours throughout the licence period.
  9. This agreement shall not prevent the Highway Authority of any other Statutory Authority or Undertaker or anyone else authorised by them from carrying out works to on or from the Pavement.  Access may be taken on demand although as much notice as possible will be given and no compensation will be paid for any disturbance thereby caused.
  10. The Applicant will be responsible for obtaining any future statutory consents necessary for the use of the Pavement.
  11. The Applicant shall make available for use by customers the toilets at the Café throughout the Operational Hours.
  12. The Applicant shall not do or suffer to be done on the Pavement anything which in the reasonable opinion of the Council constitutes a nuisance or annoyance or interferes with any neighbouring property its owners or occupiers or which tends to lessen or depreciate the value of the Pavement or the Highway or the premises in the neighbourhood.
  13. The Applicant will indemnify the Council against any claims arising from its use of the land.
  14. This licence is personal and cannot be assigned.
  15. No alterations shall be made to the highway in consequence of this Licence.
  16. This licence may be terminated prior to the end of the Licence Period pursuant to the provisions of section 6 of the Act