Equality Impact Assessments

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3. Equality Objectives

Below we have listed our equality objectives for 2014. We are currently developing our objectives for 2016 onwards.

Objectives 1 to 7 were developed during the process of writing the corporate plan and are also listed in that document. 

Objectives 8 and 9 have arisen from Equality Impact Assessments that were carried out on internal policies so have not been included in the corporate plan.

  1. Seek to deliver at least 5% of all new affordable housing stock to meet the Council's wheelchair design standards.
  2. Ensure that no-one spends a second night sleeping on the streets and establish a hotline number and provision for extreme weather periods.
  3. Work with communities to tackle hate crime and continue to be an active partner in the Devon Hate Crime Prevention Task Group.
  4. Fund voluntary sector groups to meet the needs of the more vulnerable and continue to support existing joint work with community groups, charities, community associations and faith groups across the city.
  5. Work with local partners to explore how we can join up services to help residents to find or get back into employment.
  6. Ensure that affected residents are aware of the changes under the Welfare Reform Act and support them in dealing with these.
  7. Help people into employment through an Exeter City Council Apprenticeship Scheme equipping them with skills and vital work experience.
  8. Improve monitoring and analysis of the impact of employment policies on our staff.
  9. Develop appropriate training programmes to encourage a supply of potential future female senior managers and investigate ways of targeting and encouraging more women to apply for management posts.