Snow disruption

Service update for 21 March

Collections in the city are now back to normal, with the exception of Monmouth Hill in Topsham which will be completed today.

Bin collections

Due to the wintry conditions, our waste and recycling collections were suspended on Monday 19th March.

We plan to catch up with collections missed on Monday 19th, on Saturday 24th March.

If your bin, bags or boxes were due for collection today, please take them in and present them at the front boundary of your property by 6am on Saturday morning (but not before 6pm the evening before).


Because of the delay to collections we will take up to three extra sacks of rubbish per household. There is no limit on extra recycling, please label with the word Recycling and the first line of your address.

Answers to your questions about the catch-up plan

Q: why are we doing a catch-up collection this time, when we didn’t do it for residents who were affected two weeks ago?
A: Because of the Easter bank holiday, residents who were due a collection today would not get another one until Saturday 7th April, which is almost three weeks. That would mean storing and collecting nearly five weeks’ worth of waste, impacting on residents and our collection crews. Also, this time we have a high degree of confidence that conditions will improve by tomorrow so we will only miss one day’s work.

Q: The main roads are fine to drive on – why don’t you try and collect from those at least?
A: Pavements and side roads are slippery, which means a significant risk of injury to our workforce. Conditions will not improve significantly until much later in the day so we could only do a small fraction of our work scheduled today.

Q: Why not just move everybody’s collection back by one day this week?
A:  That would mean the whole city having a change of day, causing more widespread confusion. It would also mean more streets with bins staying out of the pavement, which conflicts with our policy of keeping pavements clear of bins.


Commercial waste

Commercial waste collections were suspended on Monday 19th, you will not be charged for any collections missed due to the weather disruption.

Please either present additional waste on your next scheduled collection or if you require a collection before then please contact us by emailing to arrange a booking.





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Last updated 21 March 2018