Top tips for your application

1. Be really clear about what you are trying to do for your community. It's really important to tell us your story: what you want to achieve; why this is important and how you will use the funds raised.

2. Decide which of our priority themes your project will address, it may be more than one:


3. You will need to demonstrate that there is community support for your project. You can do this by describing how you identified the need for your project – did you do local surveys or engagement events? Show pictures and describe what you did. 

4. Have a think about what the impact of your work will be, what difference will it make to your community? Consider:

  • What needs to change and why?
  • What will you do to make this change?
  • How do you know this will create the change you want?
  • What will you look at and measure to see if your change has worked?

5. Some funds will pay 100% of your project costs but for larger projects you may be expected to have other sources of funding: we call this "match funding". You will be expected to provide details about where this funding has come from so we can see how our grant is contributing to the overall project.

6. Crowdfunding can be a really useful way of raising match funding from people in your local community or the 'crowd'. Crowdfunding works through putting your project details on a crowdfunding website giving details of what you want to achieve, why this is important and what the money will be used for. It’s good to use photos or a short video to explain your project. You will be encouraged to give small rewards for people who contribute to your fund, this could be free membership, a special gift or free use of some of the services depending on how much is pledged. Tell all your friends, family, neighbours and contacts about your crowdfunding appeal and encourage them to make a donation, no matter how small… when the ‘crowd’ join together to make a contribution great things can be achieved.  It’s good to have an achievable target to aim for.

The Statue of Liberty was funded in this way!

Info: Exeter City Council supports crowdfunding through the Exeter Crowdfunding Platform use this link to register your project and see some of the Exeter projects that have successfully raised funds: 

7. You will be able to get support from Exeter Community Initiatives who are funded by the Council to help apply for grants. If your group is just starting out and doesn't have a bank account they can help you with alternative options. We want to support all good ideas that fit with the priorities so don’t be put off… we will find a way to support your idea! This service is currently being set up and will be available from April 2020. In the mean time you can get support from us by emailing  

8. There is also support available from your local Community Builder who can link you with other local people who may be interested in working with you.

9. Your local Ward Councillors will want to support your project and will want to be familiar with what you are trying to achieve. To find out who your Councillor is, please use our find my Councillor page.

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Last updated 5 December 2019