Frequently asked questions

1. When would all this happen?

This is just the first step in a long term vision. Any major changes would take several years to develop and plan, and no redevelopment of the Corn Exchange block can take place before 2020 at the earliest due to existing leases.

2. The Corn Exchange is performing well. Why change things?

Things might not change – all options will be explored. The Corn Exchange is performing well and is a great asset to Exeter.

As leases in the block are coming to an end in 2020 we think it is right to ask what people might want to happen in the future.

3. What about a theatre if you’re looking to create a new venue?

The first step is to look at the future needs and options for the city. We will look to set up a steering group with key partners from the cultural, business and community sectors to guide this work.

4. Hasn’t there been enough redevelopment in Exeter?

We need to make sure we look after all parts of the city centre, but there is no guarantee that any work or redevelopment will take place.

All that is going before council is a commitment to explore future options.

5. How much is it likely to cost?

This will be explored if the review work is given the go ahead by councillors. Clearly, any changes would need to make financial sense and be in the best interest of residents and businesses.

6. Isn’t it just a waste of tax payers’ money?

To make Exeter the best city it can be, we believe it is important to explore all options to be able to make informed choices. This review would allow the us to explore all options.

7. What about the future for existing traders in South Street and in the Corn Exchange block?

Local businesses will be at the heart of all decisions, and will be communicated to ahead of the public where possible. There will also be a working party set up, where we would like traders to be represented.

8. Will the public have a say on these plans? Will there be a period of consultation?

There will be public consultations at an early stage on any plans. We will hold a consultation event at the Corn Exchange to gather initial views.

9. How will this impact on traders on Fore Street? Will they be disadvantaged?

There will be no near future impact on Fore Street, or any other part of the West Quarter, as no decisions have been made. If the council were to look at any scheme, an impact assessment would be carried out as standard and put before councillors.

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Last updated 11 January 2017