Would it not be more cost-effective to invest in regenerating the Pyramids, rather than build a whole new leisure centre?

No, the costs associated with necessary improvements to the Pyramids is in the region of £3million, most of which would be spent "behind the scenes" on plant etc and would do little to improve the experience of users and make it a desirable attraction to new users. The Pyramids is also currently operating over capacity and this could not be addressed due to the physical restraints of the building.

How much will the leisure centre cost?

Exeter City Council has a budget of £26million for the new leisure centre. Funding is being sourced via the New Homes Bonus and the Community Infrastructure Levy, with the balance raised through capital borrowing.

Has the leisure centre project gone over budget?

No, the Exeter Active project hasn't gone over budget. The Design Team have completed their detailed feasibility study which confirms that a modern, efficient leisure centre can be delivered within the original project budget.

However, the feasibility study has also produced options for enhancements to the original client brief which would deliver even better facilities and crucially, would deliver a long term financial return to the Council. The business case for the enhanced options demonstrates that a modest increase in the initial project budget would deliver a substantial increase in the profitability of the leisure complex thanks to even better facilities, enabling the project to pay for itself and provide a long-term source of income generation for Exeter City Council to invest in facilities and services around the city.

What enhancements will the increased budget bring?

The additional budget will enable us to create an unrivalled sports and leisure destination in the heart of the city. We will be able to deliver a more spacious and comfortable gym, attractive spa facilities, fantastic soft play for young children, moving floors in both learner and competition pools to make them truly accessible to all. Exeter Active will also be the first UK leisure centre to be built to Passivhaus standards. This will deliver up to 75% reductions in energy usage and costs, as well as creating a comfortable environment in which to exercise, play and relax, all in the heart of a vibrant city centre.

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Last updated 8 September 2016