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Do I need planning permission?

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2. Pre-application planning advice

We encourage all applicants to take advantage of our free pre-application service before making a formal application. In order to help us give you the best advice, we suggest that the following information is provided as part of your pre-application enquiry:

Contact details –your name, address, email and telephone number. If you are submitting on behalf of a client, please also include your client’s details.

Interest in the site – owner, occupier, lessee, prospective purchaser or agent.

Site location – full address, including postcode.

Description of the proposed development/planning enquiry – an outline of your proposal and any important aims or issues.

Illustrative material – this can be in the form of photographs, sketches with dimensions or architectural plans.

Pre-application enquiries can be submitted by email to one of our Officers, or by post or hand to the Civic Centre