Monitoring and evidence base

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1. Local development scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) specifies the documents that will form the Local Plan and sets out the timetable for their preparation.

A new LDS is now available:

Local Development Scheme July 2018


Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP)

July 2018 update

The preparation of the plan has been held up by a number of factors, the main ones being;

  • Significant and ongoing review of national planning and housing policies, commencing with the Housing White Paper and most recently involving a draft revised National Planning Policy Framework and associated Practice Guidance. These documents include amendments to the five year supply approach, a new housing “delivery test” and changes to the way housing need is calculated.
  • A very high response to the "call for sites" with over 700 sites made available, which needed to be assessed and considered via the HELAA (Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment) process.
  • The need to resolve complex transport issues associated with the plan, particularly in the Exeter area, including extensive modelling, roadside interviews and scheme assessment. This work is still ongoing and will inform a key element of the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan strategy.

According the Local Development Scheme has been revised and the Draft GESP will be published in the summer of 2019.