Summary Action Plan

We are committed to reducing the exposure of people in Exeter to poor air quality in order to improve health, and are looking to develop a vision for the city where emissions are reduced because

  • the private car is seldom used
  • business travel and servicing is by Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) and shared
  • development creates sustainable car-free communities
  • internal combustion engines are discouraged in a vibrant centre, where active or by Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) travel is the norm

The exposure of people in the city to air pollution will also be reduced because

  • decision makers have clear understanding of air pollution and its impacts
  • residents, employers and visitors understand the impact of air pollution and the effect of their travel choices
  • healthy and active travel options are promoted
  • everyone is more active

To deliver this vision, 25 measures are proposed in the Summary Action Plan, which is available to download in the following formats:

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Last updated 12 February 2018