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What can I put in my bins?

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1. Green bin

Keep it loose: shake out your bags!

It is easier, quicker and safer for our workers to sort loose material, so please do not 'bag up' items in your recycling container.See our comprehensive A-Z list of recycling and waste if you are uncertain about which bin to use for a specific item.

A brief overview of what you can recycle in Exeter is given below.

Yes please:

  • drink cans (empty)
  • food tins (empty)
  • aerosols (empty)
  • aluminium foil
  • plastic drinks bottles (empty, with the lids on)
  • plastic household cleaning bottles (empty, with lids on – but no pumps)
  • plastic food containers (empty)
  • carrier bags, bread bags, polythene bags/film and bubble wrap (see more information on recycling plastic bags/film)
  • paper (no wrapping paper)
  • newspapers and magazines
  • cardboard (no greetings cards)
  • junk mail and envelopes (windows can be left in)
  • catalogues
  • phone directories
  • small amounts of shredded paper inside paper envelopes or paper bags

No thanks:

  • glass
  • batteries
  • nappies and pads
  • mixed-material items, such as blister packs that contain foil and plastic
  • wrapping paper
  • greetings cards
  • pouches (for pet food, baby food, etc.)
  • crisp packets
  • confectionery packets
  • clear bags/packets/film that springs open after being ‘scrunched’ (see more information on recycling plastic bags/film)
  • cartons

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Last updated 17 June 2024