Bin charges

We charge for the supply of wheeled bins to domestic properties for rubbish, recycling and garden waste.  Take care of your wheelie bin because if it goes missing or gets stolen you will be charged for its replacement. Damaged bins will be repaired or replaced free of charge - Order a new or replacement bin


140 litre  £27.50 each

180 litre  £32.50 each

240 litre   £37.50 each

Seagull sacks £5.00 each


140 litre   £12.00 each

240 litre   £12.00 each

Standard green box £5.00 each

Communal bins (rubbish and recycling)

1100 litre   £300.00 (application from landlord only)

Garden containers

Special biodegradable sacks £2.00 each – a minimum purchase of 5 sacks is required

Annual charge for bin hire:

140 litre   £34.50

240 litre   £45.00

Additional 140 litre £24.50 each

Additional 240 Litre £34.50 each

When this content has been updated

Last updated 6 October 2017