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Recycling and rubbish containers

Dimensions of the recycling and rubbish Containers used in Exeter.

Standard 140 litre wheeled bin

Height: 1070mm 

Depth: 550mm 

Width: 480mm 

Height with lid open: 1550mm


Standard 180 litre wheeled bin

Height: 1070mm 

Depth: 730mm 

Width: 480mm 

Height with lid open: 1550mm


Standard 240 litre wheeled bin

Height: 1070mm 

Depth: 730mm 

Width: 570mm 

Height with lid open: 1640mm


Communal 360 litre wheeled bin

Height: 1070mm 

Depth: 850mm 

Width: 630mm 

Height with lid open: 1700mm


Communal 1100 litre wheeled bin

Height: 1400mm 

Depth: 1100mm 

Width: 1300mm 

Height with lid open: 2500mm


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Last updated 8 January 2021