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6. Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT)


Jardine Lloyd Thompson has established an office in Rosemoor Court, Pynes Hill, Exeter. The principle services offered from this office include pension scheme administration, actuarial support and consulting services.

Various aspects about Exeter were attractive to Jardine Lloyd Thompson and these include principally the following items:

  • Quality of staff - The quality of people employed in the area has been exceptional and continues to be so.
  • Location - Jardine Lloyd Thompson view Exeter as a gateway to the South West of England where many businesses can benefit from the services that can be offered.
  • Communication - links with the rest of the UK are excellent with London being 2 hours away by direct train, and other parts of the country being made more and more accessible through the expansion of Exeter airport.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson is committed to the Exeter area and will be seeking to enhance its own profile over the coming years as a committed business partner of Exeter.

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