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3. John Lewis car park

13 September 2019 - Due to factors beyond our control the lifts at John Lewis car park are currently not working. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and are working resolve the situation as soon as possible

Parking in this car park is free after 6pm on Thursday evenings

John Lewis is a Pay on Foot car park.

OPENING TIMES - Mon - Sun 8.00am - 9.45pm, including Bank Holidays. Charging period 8.00am - midnight Mon - Sun

SPACES - 410 Public bays

TARIFF - Up to 1 hour £3.30, 1-2 hours £4.40, 2-3 hours £5.50, 3-4 hours £6.60, 4-5 hours £7.70, 5-6 hours £8.80, 6-7 hours £9.90, All day £15.00


PAY BY PHONE - Not applicable

INFORMATION - Height Restriction varies maximum is 6' 4" (1.93m). 14 disabled bays on F deck. 16 parent & child bays on G deck. 2 charging point bays for electric vehicles. Tariffs apply in all bays. Credit / Debit card payments accepted. A Replacement Fee of £15.00 will be charged for lost entry tickets (No concessions)


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