Christmas Recycling

Christmas and New Year bin collection dates

Collection Due Will be collected on
Mon 25 Dec 17 Wed 27 Dec 17
Tue 26 Dec 17 Thu 28 Dec 17
Wed 27 Dec 17 Fri 29 Dec 17
Thu 28 Dec 17 Sat 30 Dec 17
Fri 29 Dec 17 Tue 2 Jan 18
Mon 1 Jan 18 Wed 3 Jan 18
Tue 2 Jan 18 Thu 4 Jan 18
Wed 3 Jan 18 Fri 5 Jan 18
Thu 4 Jan 18 Sat 6 Jan 18
Fri 5 Jan 18 Mon 8 Jan 18
Mon 8 Jan 18 Tue 9 Jan 18
Tue 9 Jan 18 Wed 10 Jan 18
Wed 10 Jan 18 Thu 11 Jan 18
Thu 11 Jan 18 Fri 12 Jan 18
Fri 12 Jan 18 Sat 13 Jan 18
Mon 15 Jan 18 Back to normal

What you can put in your green bin

We will take the following items in your green bin (remember you don't need to wash things out, just please make sure its all empty)

  • paper/cardboard
  • tins/cans/foil
  • plastic bottles with lids
  • plastic tubs/pots/trays/film/wrap


Garden Waste (brown bins)

Collections end on 15 Dec 2017 and begin again from 29 Jan 2018. Remember: all collections take place during green bin week. Check your dates:


Christmas trees

Garden Waste customers can put their real Christmas trees out (with their brown bin or ECC garden sacks, if required) for a one-off collection on their first scheduled collection of the year. See for details of collections in your area. The 2018 brown bin collections start on 29 Jan.

We would encourage everyone else to take their tree/s to the recycling centres on Exton Road (Marsh Barton) and Pinbrook Road (off Pinhoe Road, near Pinhoe Aldi). See

Please note: we won’t be collecting trees with grey bins.



We have over 60 glass banks around Exeter and they are always hungry for glass. They have a real feast over Christmas – indulge them.

Find your nearest recycling bank:


Wrapping paper

This year we are unable to take wrapping paper in the green bin. Our paper mill doesn’t like it, because it doesn’t produce good pulp (its fibres are too short and it tends to just turn into a sludge). They will reject any bales they find wrapping paper in, which will mean us losing out on revenue for public services.

You could consider wrapping your presents in newspaper (that famous pink one about money matters would be good) or old maps and calendars. Or you could try using cloth – perhaps that old shirt you regretted buying. Two gifts in one!


Cold weather and snow

If it snows, visit to check whether collections in your street are affected. This page will also offer you collection advice should we be unable to attend your property.  If waste collections are disrupted for a whole day or longer, we may ask you to hold on to your rubbish or recycling until your next scheduled collection day, but we will take the extra waste.

You can also access this page through (or by selecting ‘Bins and recycling’ from the front page of the website) and looking under ‘Special collections’.

When this content has been updated

Last updated 28 November 2017