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6. Alcohol, violence and the night-time economy

Alcohol-related crime covers a wide range of activity, from antisocial behaviour to violent assault.

Alcohol remains a major concern for the city. While it is not the cause of late-night disorder, antisocial behaviour and violence, it is certainly a significant contributory factor. This is borne out by data from the police, the community patrol, ambulance service and the hospital.

Alcohol-related violence and crime represents a significant proportion of violent crime offences.

There has also been a significant increase in the reporting of domestic violence incidents where alcohol was a major contributory factor.

Within the Youth Offending Service, among young people having problems with substance misuse, there is a greater problem with alcohol than drugs.

The Community Safety Partnership's night-time economy forum brings together a range of partners including businesses, the police and us to look at alcohol-related crime and solutions.