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Corporate Plan 2022-2026

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9. 3 - Leading a well-run council

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We have identified six pillars of a well-run council. We have set out below what we mean by each of these and what we will do to deliver them. All of our services will be setting out their contribution to these six pillars in their own service plans.

  1. A balanced budget
  2. Good governance
  3. Value-for-money services
  4. Customer-focused services
  5. Supported & developed staff & members
  6. Well-managed assets

One Exeter is the council’s transformation programme. It aims to deliver a fit-for-purpose organisation and deliver the budget reductions identified in the Medium Term Financial Plan. The programme will transform how we work and how we support our staff, customers and stakeholders and it is central to delivery of the six pillars - A well-run council.


The six pillars of a well-run council

a. A balanced budget

We will meet the challenges of ongoing reductions in funding from central government and a budget reduction of £6.6m by 2026/27 through reducing costs, generating additional income and prioritising spend whilst maintaining statutory services.

Budget reductions and income - We will identify budget reductions and income that enable us to deliver a balanced budget to Council in 2023.

Generating income - We will expand our commercial activity and generate more income.

Discretionary services - We will review the prioritisation and operation of our discretionary services.

b. Good governance

We conduct our business in accordance with our Code of Corporate Governance, which follows the seven core principles of the framework Delivering Good Governance in Local Government (CIPFA).

Risks - We will regularly assess and mitigate our risks.

Emergencies and disruptive incidents - We will be resilient and capable of responding to emergencies and disruptive incidents.

Equality and diversity - We will address this and tackle social exclusion in all of our work.

Performance management - We will monitor and review delivery of our priorities and work programmes and use data to inform our decisions and priorities.

Consultation and engagement - We will actively communicate and engage with our residents and communities and seek their views on projects and initiatives in line with our consultation charter.

Effective partnerships - We will work with our partners and stakeholders for mutual benefit to achieve shared ambitions, use innovative delivery models and unlock investment. We will maintain a partnership register to ensure our partnerships meet our partnership protocol.

c. Value-for-money services

Our organisational structure and roles optimise delivery of our strategic priorities and services. We deliver and procure value-for-money, customer-facing support services, where value for money means:

  • spending less (minimising the cost of services)
  • spending wisely (prioritising what we spend money on)
  • spending well (making the best use of available resources through continuously-improved processes)

Organisational structure - We will review our organisation and set out proposals for a fit-for- purpose organisational structure.

Procurement - We will procure goods and services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Value-for-money services - As part of our organisational change programme, One Exeter, we will review our services to ensure they are meeting our value-for-money objectives.

d. Customer-focused services

We make it as easy as possible for people to help themselves by providing high-quality information and advice, first time, through digital and self-help services and a single point of contact.

Service reviews - We will carry out service reviews to analyse and redesign the operation of our services and their processes to ensure that they meet the customer-focused principles of our One Exeter programme.

Digital services - We will work with Strata, our ICT provider, to implement our Digital Strategy and maximise the opportunities for customer-focused service.

e. Supported and developed staff and members

We provide training, development and support programmes for our employees and councillors.

Staff development - We will develop the capability of our staff to ensure they are highly motivated, well trained, supported with agile working and adopt our values and behaviours.

Staff wellbeing - We will put in place an Employee Wellbeing Framework.

Elected members - We will enable our elected members to be effective in their roles as politicians and community representatives.

Health and safety - We will ensure that health and safety at work is a priority and that all staff are aware of its significance for their roles and responsibilities.

f. Well-managed assets

We have investment and maintenance programmes for the assets that underpin our business.

Built assets - We will manage our built assets to improve value for money, income potential and to maximise their longevity.

Information - We will manage and secure our information and ensure that we are open and transparent.

ICT - We will work with Strata, our ICT provider, to ensure effective and efficient management of our ICT assets.