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Homelessness and rough sleeping prevention strategy consultation

Our new strategy document has been drafted by bringing together valuable feedback from key partners working at the frontline of homelessness services alongside the most recent analyses of data and core needs.

We have set out our overall vision and proposed some principles and recommendations in working forwards to reduce homelessness. Alongside the recent public consultations undertaken by the councillor-led homelessness scrutiny group, a set of strategic priorities has been drafted.

We now welcome your feedback (click the Start button below) about our proposed Homelessness and rough sleeping prevention strategy

The draft principles and priorities are as follows:


  1. Person centred and Holistic – Taking a bespoke individual-led approach to resolving homelessness and its underlying causes. This includes recovery-planning accounting for individual needs and the cycle of change.
  2. Trauma-informed – Seeking awareness and responding with understanding and focus on strength-based solutions
  3. Expert led - Involving people with lived experience of homelessness as equals and optimising engagement and self-enablement
  4. Early Intervention and Prevention – Maximising intervention with households at risk of homelessness at the earliest identifiable stage, alongside reducing crisis-focused responses
  5. Evidence based – Using clear data to identify and understand current need and trends and projections of future need
  6. Partnership and Collaboration - A commitment to joint-working and co-production given no one service can single-handedly address and resolve homelessness
  7. Challenge - A need for, and a willingness to participate in challenging conversations whilst minimising assumptions
  8. Value For Money – Ensuring that available resources are optimised towards achieving the most cost effective sustainable solutions and outcomes


  1. Ending Rough Sleeping - Ending rough sleeping means preventing it wherever possible and where it cannot be prevented making it a rare, brief and non-recurrent experience.
  2. Prevention & Early Intervention - The earlier a service can identify and proactively intervene in homelessness the more successful the intervention is likely to be i.e. homelessness is averted.
  3. Health, Wellbeing & Recovery – Ensuring health, treatment and support services including income, wellbeing, education and employment opportunities are accessible and appropriately gauged to need.
  4. Inclusion & Enablement – Ensuring customer / user–informed service design, accessibility and delivery providing multiple engagement and participation opportunities.
  5. Systems & Partnership – Improving join up of services and local strategies and funds to deliver wider involvement and accountability and drive increased positive impact on homelessness.


Further information is provided in our draft strategy document.


Let us know

Click on the start button to give us your feedback on our proposed strategy, you have until 5.00pm Friday 16 December 2022 to complete the survey.

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More info about the journey

The questions in this consultation should take about 5-10 minutes to complete, however if you wish, you can save your responses and return to it later by pressing the 'save' button at the bottom of each page.

Once you have completed the survey the results and key findings will be shared with all stakeholders and uploaded to the Council website early in the New Year.

The draft strategy will then be updated with the intention being to publish the final version by the end of February. Stakeholders will then be invited to participate in the production of the action plans.

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Last updated 23 November 2022