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Voter ID - have you got yours?

To vote in the upcoming 4 May Local Elections you will need to show photo ID. To find out more about accepted forms of photo ID, and if you need to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate, see our Voter ID page.

What is an empty home?

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4. Buy an empty home

We cannot give out a list of empty properties around the city, however, there are various places you can go if you are looking to buy an empty property:

  • speak to estate agents around the city. Many have properties on their books that they have not been able to sell and do not widely advertise because they are renovation projects
  • Land Registry - most homes (although not all) are registered with the Land Registry. For a small fee, you can search this database and download details of home owners when investigating a specific empty property.
  • SAVE (Historic Empty Property Charity) - a national charity which campaigns to bring empty historical homes back into use. The charity often advertises properties in need of a new owner and publishes a list of historical properties at risk around the country.
  • Plot Finder - advertises land for sale across the country