Managing your money

If you give up private rented housing without seeking advice or trying to address the issues, this may affect any future homeless application.

If you are in danger of losing your home in the next 28 days see our worried about being homeless pages.

If you are having problems with paying your rent you should:

  • speak with your landlord or letting agent
  • if you have arrears, follow these links for information and advice:

- see if Housing Benefit is available

- check government advice on private renting

Help with managing your debts

Download and complete an income and expenditure form to show us or another agency if you need financial advice.

Use either:

Here's how you complete it:

  • how much money do you have coming in: working out how much money comes into your household is the first step towards completing a personal budget. You need this to work out how much money to offer creditors (the people you owe money to). 
  • maximising your income: one of the most important things you can do to help sort out your money problems, is to make sure you are getting all the income you possibly can.
  • where does the money go: you need to work out how much money you and your family spend on living expenses.
  • how much is left over: look at what money is left after working out your essential living expenses.

The shelter money service gives you advice on identifying the debts that need urgent attention and that could have the greatest impact if not sorted out. It will also help you to identify non-priority debts and offers advice on how to deal with bailiffs.



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Last updated 18 January 2016