Tell us about rough sleepers

How we can help rough sleepers

If you would like to tell us about a rough sleeper in your community please visit Street Link

Our teams of outreach workers and volunteers will find and engage with rough sleepers in a bid to help and encourage them off the streets. We provide practical help, including:

  • help into emergency accommodation
  • help into hostel accommodation, private rented or supported housing
  • help with ID and benefits
  • information and advice about support services
  • assistance with linking in with health services
  • access to individual budgets

 Outreach and support services

Access to hot food, showers, washing facilities and other related support is available at St. Petrocks homeless resource and training centre.

Our support workers can meet sleepers at their usual street locations or at an agreed safe place to talk about accommodation and support option. Our street homeless outreach team (SHOT) can be reached on 01392 284287 or 01392 277888.

Severe weather provision / safe sleep

When the weather is severe or extremely cold (zero degrees or lower for 3 consecutive days), we ensure that there is a service in place for rough sleepers. We are also trialling a new project with partners across the city called safe sleep.  To find out more about these services please email

Help in an emergency

If someone is sleeping on the street and you think they need to access this service tonight please call 01392 277888 or if outside usual working hours of 9:00pm-5:00pm Monday to Friday call 0845 351 1060.

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Last updated 26 January 2016