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Fire safety

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3. What to do if a fire breaks out where you live

Please be aware that there is different advice for different places, please read the section that is appropriate to your situation.


If there’s a fire in your own home

  • Quickly get out of the room where the fire is and close the door behind you

  • Call the fire service on 999 immediately

  • Tell everyone in your home that there’s a fire and to get out too

  • Don’t stop to get any of your things, and shut the front door firmly behind you

  • Do not try and put the fire out yourself

  • Wait outside away from the building in a safe place


If you see or hear a fire when you are in a common area of the building

  • Leave by the nearest available exit

  • Call the fire service on 999 immediately

  • Wait outside, away from the building


If there’s a fire in the building (including in someone else’s flat) and we’ve told you to stay put

  • The building you’re in is designed to contain a fire inside the apartment where it started
  • If the fire isn’t in your apartment, close all your doors and windows and stay inside
  • Dial 999 right away, just in case the person whose apartment is on fire is out or hasn’t been able to call 999
  • If smoke or heat from the apartment where the fire is starts to affect your home then leave immediately, if it’s safe to do so, or if the fire service tell you to leave


If there’s a fire elsewhere in the building (including in someone else’s flat) and we’ve told you to leave the building if possible

  • If you’re in one of the homes where we told people to evacuate the building then do so, as long as it’s safe.

  • If it isn’t safe, stay where you are and raise the alarm by dialing 999 immediately

  • Remember, when you dial 999 you need to ask for FIRE

  • When the operator answers give the address of where the fire is

  • DON’T HANG UP until the address is repeated back to you and confirmed


If you have any queries or concerns about fire safety then please call us on 01392 265031