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Tenant Annual Report 2021 2022

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2. Your property

Repairs, Maintenance and Planned Works

In 2021/2022 we spent £12,857,384 on capital works and £7,016,422 on revenue works to your homes and communal areas. Revenue spending covers day-to-day costs such as wages, emergency repairs, gas servicing, works to empty properties. Capital expenditure relates to investments in assets such as building new homes and investment in our homes such as the installation of solar panels and works to improve the energy efficiency of our properties.


This is how we spent the money.  For every one pound spent:

Capital works



Communal footpath & wall replacements Disabled adaptions


Fire risk assessments


Disabled adaptions


Electrical remedial works


Gas boiler replacements


Kitchen & Bathroom replacements


Energy conservation


Planned works



Revenue Works



Asbestos management


General Servicing


Cyclical exterior decoration & repairs


General Maintenance





Your property Safety is our priority

We have a team of Compliance Officers dedicated to ensuring your safety. They can be reached by emailing or calling our repairs team: 01392 265031 where you will be directed to the relevant officer.

Please help us help you by always allowing access for safety checks.


During the year we:

  • Installed 98 kitchens and 104 bathrooms
  • Reduced the average time to complete a repair from 22 to 13.78 days. (The UK average is 13.51 days)
  • Reduced the percentage of properties that did not meet the Decent Home Standard from 1.34% to 1.30%. (The UK average is 1.30%)
  • Carried out around 900 electrical safety inspections followed by over 200 remedial jobs for ‘fails’ and another 430 improvements
  • Began rolling out a 4-year project of compartmentation surveys and upgrades to our blocks of flats
  • Safely inspected and serviced over 4,500 gas boilers
  • Completed over 500 fire risk assessments
  • Conducted 6-monthly safety inspections to over 200 passenger lifts, hoists and stair lifts
  • Tested smoke alarms in every property
  • Ensured that just under 1,800 communal footpaths have been risk assessed and are periodically re-inspected
  • Carried out asbestos re-inspections in over 400 communal areas and ensured every home with asbestos had an asbestos survey
  • Completed communal and emergency lighting upgrades to 32 blocks of flats
  • Tested all carbon monoxide detectors


Meet the Energy Champions

Last year, we reported on a significant project to provide energy improvements to our properties. The improvement measures include new solar photovoltaic panels, windows and doors, as well as improvements to insulation and ventilation. The new measures will help reduce fuel poverty by reducing energy bills and providing greener, more energy efficient and energy self-sufficient homes.

We have had a fantastic response from our tenants who have had the improvement works done, and from others who have contacted us to enquire when the programme will be rolled out in their area.

As part of the works, seven tenants have been recruited to take part in a 12 month monitoring project to assess the impact these works have had on their property and to provide feedback on how the properties are performing.