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Tenant Annual Report 2021 2022

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3. Your tenancy

Lettings & Tenancy

Our service is nearly back to normal again following the lockdowns caused by the pandemic, and face-to-face visits have resumed. We are still working on the best ways to meet with our tenants, especially if they are vulnerable, and we are aware of the impact that the pandemic has had on the ongoing physical and mental health of our tenants.

During 2021/2022:

  • The number of cases of anti-social behaviour reported decreased from 288 to 119 cases
  • We re-let 266 properties, with an average re-let time of 30.94 days compared to 51.33 days the previous year, and compared to the UK average of 68.57 days


It should be noted that lockdown restrictions and social distancing requirements during 2020/2021 had an effect on both the speed at which properties were re-let and the cases of antisocial behaviour reported during that year. The improvements shown across both these areas for 2021/2022 are to be expected.