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2. Home contents insurance

We don't automatically insure our tenants' furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes.  Unfortunately, some only realise this after the damage has been done.

There is, however, an insurance scheme arranged with us that we encourage new tenants to join when they sign up for their tenancy.

This has the following benefits:

  • offering a payment system that tenants can afford
  • offering a premium rate which is cheaper because of our ability to buy in bulk
  • offering lower minimum sums insured

Tenants home content insurance key facts

How does the scheme work?

Tenants buy home contents insurance through us and pay for this at the same time as their rent.  This could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Payments can also be made by standing order and direct debit.

Tenants who receive housing benefit are also able to participate in the scheme.

Tenants can select the amount of insurance required in bands of £1,000.  There is a minimum range of £6,000 to £8,000 for tenants aged 60 or over - and a range of £9,000 to  £35,000 for all others.

Home contents insurance costs and cover can be found in:

Prospectus and application

Optional extras

In addition to standard contents cover, you have the option to add any of the following additional covers at extra cost:

  • extended accidental damage cover
  • personal effects cover
  • wheelchair/mobility scooter cover
  • hearing aid cover
  • cover for the structure of garden huts, greenhouses and garages

Changes to your content insurance policy 2017

Tenants Home Contents Insurance Scheme Important notice for all policy holders – April 2017